Thursday, June 17, 2010

Uneven hair color!?

I have read a lot of questions and answers about this, but it seems that most of the time, the person was trying to lighten or bleach their hair when they had this problem. Well my hair is a medium blonde to light brown color, and I wanted to go to a dark auburn/red color. Well the color looks really good but it is just uneven. Somehow I missed some hair or something, and it is just my normal color in spots. Should I go back to the store and buy the same color and put it in the spots, or wait and see someone about it?? I don't really have the money to go to the salon considering the last time I went it cost me $400, so I am trying to find the most convenient and cost-effective fix there is. Please help

Uneven hair color!?

Girly, what you need is a clarifying shampoo. It sounds like you may have been using an inexpensive shampoo (Pantene? Dove? Garnier? Suave? etc?) and it was a shampoo that has silicone in the ingredients. Silicone is what those cheaper shampoos use to make your hair silky and shiny, but the bad news about silicone is that it coats each hair strand with a plastic-y coating and then when you try to dye it, the dye can't get to your hair!

Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any silicone deposits that may be sticking to your hair strands. Then, try dying your hair again with the same exact shade. I'd normally advise against this, but since you're going darker and no peroxide is involved, there won't be any bleaching damage. You're basically in the same position as the women who dye their hair and need to do it again to cover the gray hair that has grown in... same concept. Clarify, then dye! It shouldn't be a problem and it shouldn't do any damage. Remember to comb through, don't pile on your head, and let air and heat get to the parts that need that extra color boost. Since it's a reddish color, some of it WILL wash out in future washes. After dying, make sure you use a shampoo for color treated hair, as red haircolor is the hardest to keep without fading.

In the future, try switching to a shampoo that doesn't leave as much residue in your hair. Good luck!

Uneven hair color!?


Uneven hair color!?

When you do your own color, remember to comb it through..."smooshing" it all together will not get every hair covered. Also, don't pile it up on your head..color needs to oxidize and it can't do that if it is clumped together. Since you are depositing a color and not trying to lighten it, you can do it again, no problem. Just remember to get more than one box if your hair is long or thick.

Kris' answer is bang on!! Absolutely right. You can do it again, as we both said, there's no peroxide in depositing color.

Uneven hair color!?

Wait a few days,then have a trusted friend or relative help you redo the color.Since you have long hair I would think that you should get at least two bottles of color. when my hair was long I had to use four bottles. Good luck

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